What is Home Staging?

Hey everyone! Good to see you again!
Err not that we actually see you…but you get the point.

One of our favorite things to do is stage homes! We started up this sector of the business in 2016 and it has been climbing at the rate of our market, or close to it. Home staging is “the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace”—but enough of boring Googled definitions.

Home Staged Library Office

WE would define it as “the act of putting really trendy furniture and décor in your house so that it sells FASTER and to get the best price upon sale of the home!” Yes, with the exclamation point and all because the house is EXCITING after staging it😉

Home Staged BedroomHome Staged Dining Room

If anyone wants to read statistics, don’t worry. Here are some.
+Staged homes sell for up to 7% more than a non-staged home.
+On average, they sell in 42 days. This stat isn’t super relevant in our crazy fast market right now, BUT it is supposed to bring in the point that when a home sits on the market for too long, the price drops. And that isn’t good.
+You make your money back! Home staging is an investment. Usually, the price of staging is somewhere between 1 and 3 percent of the home’s value. BUT sellers receive about 8 to 10% in their ROI.
And in our awesome digital world, your pictures stand out more! Like…a lot more as you can clearly see from the examples we’ve snuck into this post

Home Staged Living Room

The points we’re really trying to make here is that home staging works! And in our market you HAVE to stand out so that potential buyers can actually envision themselves in your home. At the same time, excitement may create multiple offers for YOU! All of this is great news, and on top of that it’s really simple. You can either call us (208.939.7711) or send us an email to sold@recycledroom.com and we will come check out the property, do all the design and heavy lifting, and complete the entire job in about a day. So thankful for coffee. ALSO Click Here to see more of our staging jobs!

Home Staged Dining Room

But hey if you still don’t want to do it, at least be like “Hey nice job! Cool pics!” Because you guys know your validation is important to us😉

Until next time friends
The Recycled Room Team
Okay fine here’s one more picture

Home Staged Living Room

Exciting News Found Here!

We have some super exciting news for you guys!

For YEARS we have struggled with finding the right manufacturer to build new custom sofas for you all. Well, the day is here!

We are happy to announce that we are going to start carrying JOYBIRD furniture officially as of Aug 1st! We have to wait another couple days for our sectional and chair to arrive but who’s counting…ahem ahem…(Okay fine we are definitely counting) 😉

Stowe Joybird Sectional

We wanted to tell you guys about them and why we chose them above all the others!

Joybird is based out of San Diego California, and all manufacturing takes place in Mexico. It’s pretty much a furniture paradise. Like really, furniture AND beaches!? We were totally hooked.

We first met them at the Las Vegas Market 3 years ago, when they were a very young company with less capacity and styles and (blah blah blah insert boring business terms no one cares about). Anyway they are a larger company after growing those 3 years, now with the ability to fully accommodate us up in Boise!

They have about 20 different living room styles to select, then about an additional 100 upholstery options to choose from! So that’s like…45,873,848 different possibilities or somewhere around there haha we aren’t good at math (please help).

It takes about 6-8 weeks to receive an order after its been placed, which isn’t toooo long considering its high quality, has a lifetime warranty, AND YOU CAN TRY THE FURNITURE OUT FOR 365 DAYS AND STILL RETURN IT! Yes, you read that right. If you bought the couch then on day number 364 of ownership you decided you didn’t like it, you can STILL return it! We have never heard anything like that. Also yes, we will make you a paper chain like they do for counting down days until Christmas for that 6-8 week period😉 All in all, they are a company just like us, who puts the wants and needs of customers first. And that is something we really appreciate.

Joybird Franklin Sofa

If you want to place an order online its really easy, just go to their site. Screenshot what you want and email to us (sold@recycledroom.com) or Facebook it to us! (Whichever you prefer)

To check out some of their stuff click the link below!
Click This For Joybird

What Your Dining Room Says About You


You like clean lines AND clean sinks! “Okay seeeriously guys, the dishwasher is empty! Just put it in there!”
😉 Your space takes its use, but each chair and plate is then set right back where it needs to be before everyone can relax. Your home is something you take pride in, and your dining set definitely reflects that! You are a forward thinker who believes furniture can be both functional and sculptural. Plus come on, how ON EARTH could you allow clutter (i.e. anything of your husband’s) to sit on top of that gorgeous table for more than like 5 seconds?! That’s just a travesty. A furniture travesty (not punishable by death).  To you, every piece has its place, every coffee mug has its rightful spot, every centerpiece needs to be returned. You may be a minimalist. One who, in the end sets a high standard for themselves in life, hence the cleanliness thing. That is a very positive way to live, and your space reflects all of those values. (But seriously, put the cup in the dishwasher.)



Family is everything to you! You may have an heirloom of a table with a scratch from Thanksgiving in 1989 when Uncle Dan dropped the mashed potato plate (how wasteful of our Idaho Potatoes). But you appreciate things like that because they add character. The heaviness of the wood and the hand carved features add about as much character as has each of your family members over the years (How many more wine stains until we get a tablecloth guys??) If it weren’t for your family, there’d be no reason to have a table to eat around, no loud arguing matches over a round of Monopoly, and nothing to gather around when you look into everyone’s eyes and tell them that they are what you’re thankful for—every year. The table and chairs you have reflects all of these beliefs that it’s not about perfection, because they are already perfect to you.



Your table is part functional, part art instillation. You appreciate the innovation (ironically, of the past). The Mid-Century style is a combination of modern and traditional. The wood aspect allows these pieces to be used hard, but the modern lines allow it to be appreciated when it’s not being eaten on (Haha okay but still Gwen, don’t spill on this thing…) You are a person who enjoys art and has high style, so this is the PERFECT table type for you! The vintage look is very on trend right now. You believe in progress, in yourself and in the world. You believe that traditional measures were important, but building toward the future is equally important (is importanter a word??) The Mid-Century style was one that exuded innovation, oddly enough you are that same way.



Okay, the biggest reason that Rustic designs are amazing is that you can absolutely beat these things up and they hold on forever. Often the look is very chunky and stout (“What did you just call me!?) This style is meant to be used and used hard. It’s a great style for families or a bachelor with a hammer collection. It comes down to the details in this one, the chairs and centerpiece can make it more or less rustic. In the end, this style is versatile and that’s what you appreciate about it! You try to be the same way in your own life, able to take on so many challenges and changes with ease. You have a propensity toward usable items that can last forever because you see the value in quality. Wood tables in the rustic style are the absolute epitome of everlasting.


This is the first time we have spoken about this design style. Some know it as Hollywood Chic, but we prefer Glam because it’s a much shorter word to type, and writing this on an old laptop is annoying when it freezes every 5 minutes (Claiming a new laptop as a business expense in 3…2…1…) Okay so the glam style is raging right now. Its sparkly, bright, and reflective. Chairs are built for comfort and style. We would give this newbie style 10/10 because its attention-getting, just like you! You are proud of yourself, where you’ve come from and where you are going. The Glam style is slightly more feminine, based with golds, chromes and soft fabrics. These spaces are beautiful but usable simultaneously (Make sure its wine-resistant, because spilling on it IS punishable by death.) You enjoy this style because it is bright, possibly just as bright as your future. Better put on your sunglasses.

Our Kid’s Fridge Art

Okay guys. Why do you put your son’s and daughter’s art on the fridge? It could be a horribly disfigured horse and it would still be there! Then after, it may be forever remembered inside a cardboard box in the attic labeled “Art”. Why do we do this? Why did our parents do this for our art? You and I didn’t go off to become the next Van Gogh. (Thankfully because we like our ears.) We do this because its meaningful! It has a temporary place on the fridge with a magnet attached only to make room for the next masterpiece. They drew that horse to the absolute best of their ability, for YOU. It was created for your eyes and it came straight from the heart of the little one that you love so dearly. That’s really why its done isn’t it?

The funny thing is, why isn’t the rest of your house this way? The fridge becomes a small museum riddled with sheets of crayon-filled love, while your walls and shelves lack any of the personality and story that lies on them. But, it CAN.

And, instead of telling you how to make this happen for yourselves, we would rather tell you a story of our own.

These owls. They are ceramic and mass produced (but still cute.) The thing is, we take our social media VERY seriously, because it’s a chance to serve all of you, make you laugh and bring you some joy in this tough world. That is why we do any of this (we hope that shows). So long story short, we posted this picture on Instagram.



The response was amazing. So many people fell in love with them and it showed us that we can have fun and be of great service to you guys, which we are VERY proud of. It was the first time on social media that we had more orders on a product than they even had in stock, some people are still on a wait list. But anyway, we had to have a set of our own and they sit eye level just below the TV to remind us how many of you stand behind us and support us. It is incredibly humbling and we are so proud to do it all for you. (our photography has since improved)

Is any of this making sense?? Here let us break it down further, you all are like OUR kids in this scenario. We truly care for you, and your well-being and we just want the best for you (that’s why we carry the best😉) When you get excited about our products we have or say that we made your day, or a specific piece you got from us has actual meaning to you and your family, that pulls at our heart strings and there have definitely been tears shed multiple nights because of you. Our gratitude only grows daily because we wouldn’t be here without you. These owls are a reminder of that, and also how much you have impacted all of US here at the store. So from the deepest part of our hearts—thank you!

Serving you all, is some of the most meaningful things we have ever done. If that’s not art, we don’t know what is. Hang that art. Find those pieces that are actually meaningful to you, let it speak to you in a way no other thing has. Wait for them. Once you find them, you’ll know it. For us, the owls are perfect. Let us know what’s perfect for you.

Until next time friends,
The Recycled Room Team

What Happens In Vegas

What Happens in Vegas comes to Boise!

If you guys don’t remember, we went to Vegas this past January! We go every year for a furniture show *cough cough*. Anyway, now that we’ve cleared our throat, the trip is SO FUN! It’s different every time, we go there in an attempt to put our finger on the upcoming styles and trends. Because let’s face it, Boise is 2 years behind trends (at minimum). So, our objectives this past year was to search for new suppliers who carry high quality products at a great price we can pass on to all of you😊. After that, we hope to take in the new sights/styles/trends that are going to be the future of design! We want to be the forefront of trend in the Treasure Valley. Here are some pics from our adventure this past Vegas Furniture Show!

Vegas Furniture show
SEE!! Gold stuff everywhere
Vegas Furniture Show
Its just as appealing to look at than it is to sit in;)

vegas 7

Vegas Furniture Show
They get mad if you try to nap. Just FYI
Vegas Furniture Show
it does look like a rolly-polly, yes.

Now, we want you to imagine the Boise Towne Square mall. And then stack it on itself 5 times. Then make that same building 3 times. That is about the size of the area we walk in the course of 2 and a half days! If you were wondering, our step count was phenomenal that weekend but has since plummeted☹

Vegas Furniture Show
What our feet felt like after walking
They perfectly throw their throw blankets, it takes years of practice.
Vegas Furniture Show
Theres so much to take in, its literally impossible to see it all
Vegas Furniture Show
Is it frowned upon to lick the furniture that looks like ice cream?

Yes yes, we DID also do Vegas things! We went to a Beatles musical! That was a blast. It was a Cirque Du Soleil show with great music so that means our senses were going crazy! The sights, sounds and smells (don’t ask) were definitely something worth mentioning. We ate at buffets until we were far beyond full, but we justified it because of the aforementioned fact that our step count was off the charts. (Yes, we might mention our insane step count a few more times.) Aside from not eating at In-and-Out burger the trip was a blast! “Woo-ing” was kept to a minimum and bed times were mostly appropriate, all in all we wouldn’t do anything different! (Except for that In-and-Out Burger thing but there’s always next year.)

beatles love
More realistic of us jumping for excitement when heading to Vegas;)

To sum it all up, let’s get back to the furniture. We found a GREAT supplier who is available to do custom products! Carrying them is a goal, however still in the works so keep an eye out😉. Styles that we saw are (surprisingly) more glass! Glass top tables weren’t an uncommon sight. Tables were a mix of metal and stone, whether that was gold and marble, or chrome and marble. Marble is coming back people! The rustic and industrial trends are still as alive as ever as well. That wasn’t surprising. We also saw a bunch of suppliers now carrying mid-century styled items from tables to sofas, so clearly that trend is at its peak!

The furniture world is funny, because when it comes to WHAT to supply, you need to ride the current wave, but also look ahead to the next wave coming. That’s the biggest reason we attend the show yearly, not JUST so we can brag about a high step count. We hope to bring home plenty of fresh ideas and furniture that will make you all say “WOW!” This past Vegas show was one for the books for sure, we are definitely looking forward to next year’s show, the only difference is that next year we are going to rent hoverboards, but still also probably eat the same amount at the buffets. Because Vegas😉

Vegas vance and jill
Vance and Jill wearing shoes that aren’t great to walk in…

Until next time friends! The Recycled Room Team