The Story


The Recycled Room:


The Beginning.

In 2002, The Recycled Room was born. The inception was within the old Orville Jackson building in Eagle, Idaho. The Recycled Room would then build on itself year by year and after a decade of ownership, The previous owner decided to sell the store.

Meanwhile, in Fall of 2012 Jill Monteith quit a career she had felt suppressed in, in search for something more. A missing piece in her life. She took a year off of work and dedicated it to a self-rediscovery.  In early July of 2012, Jill took a leap of faith and bought the store with ambition and passion in her mind. She had always appreciated interior design along with customer service, and this could not be a better fit for her. Her hopes were to bring joy to peoples lives, through furniture. She put customers first atop her priority list, and this caused an eruption of new clients to serve.

In that same hot July of 2012, Vance Julius walked into the store. Oddly enough he had also quit a job recently for identical reasons as Jill. After a few months without work, he realized he wanted to work for a small business, and one that was service-based in the furniture industry, he wished to build on his background of interior design. The Recycled Room was one of the very last places he would apply to before he planned to throw in the towel. He walked in, resume in hand, introduced himself through a speech practiced nightly in the mirror and told Jill he wanted to help. She told him, “We aren’t hiring.” Vance left his resume anyway, he told her “just in case”. One week later, Jill called Vance to set up an interview, the store had now become chaotically busy and help was needed. Vance got the job out of necessity, but his drive to do more and always improve aligned with Jill’s vision.

As the months crept forward, Jill recognized a major problem. There was an abundance of QUALITY furniture that she had to refuse, simply because the current location was too small to fit a single extra item.

Driving home from work one night, she spotted a vacant building. It was double the size of the current location. She parked and peered in the windows. Her wheels began to turn. She approached Vance the next day to tell of her findings, tossing around the idea of moving the store to a new location–and fast. Vance agreed, however wondering if this single move, would make or break the entire decade of the stores existence.

The store was then moved to 9115 Chinden Boulevard in December of 2012, where it currently resides. From then and every day since, the team is working to improve the store and experiment with new ideas. With a shift in focus to cleanliness, organization, and staging, this has created sustainable growth year over year. Along with that, they branched out from strictly consignment, to new items as well. Coaster and Furniture of America are the 2 largest suppliers of new items The Recycled Room currently carries. Similarly, Tropical Salvage and Mustache Flats bring a high-end touch by way of all-wood products. The addition of custom sign makers, radio retro-fitters and wood workers is a large reason for the uniqueness of the store.

Simultaneously attending college and working for Jill, Vance had a propensity for business. He has always enjoyed healthy competition. “Business is war without bullets” is a quote that stuck out in his mind through his years at BSU. 

The cycle of them trying out new ideas to meet customers needs has made the company grow into an outstanding Business in Boise. And one that wont go away any time soon. In the fall of 2015, Vance graduated college with 2 degrees, one in Marketing and one in Business Management and Jill asked him to become a business partner in January of 2016, which was gladly accepted

In early 2016 after completing one staging job, they had a conversation,
“What do you think about staging? We could do just a few jobs a month?”
“Sounds like it could be fun, lets do it!” Thus the next crazy store expansion had begun. “But we need a name…”
“We work so well together, and balance each other’s…eccentricities…YIN YANG STAGING!”
And as simple as that conversation was, it sparked the newest adventure in 2016. The Recycled Room now has a staging sect. They have taken their practice staging at the store and turned it into another growing side project that has become its own animal to feed.

2017 has arrived with a bang. Traffic to the store has never been higher. The team, not to mention Charlie (small store dog), are elated at their ability to serve each customer to the highest level they can. This year is shaping up to be the biggest, best, and most fun yet.

Step out of your own box, as they have.
Try something beyond a big furniture store.
Give them one chance to make your jaw drop.

Because they have Awesome Furniture. Always.