Exciting News Found Here!

We have some super exciting news for you guys!

For YEARS we have struggled with finding the right manufacturer to build new custom sofas for you all. Well, the day is here!

We are happy to announce that we are going to start carrying JOYBIRD furniture officially as of Aug 1st! We have to wait another couple days for our sectional and chair to arrive but who’s counting…ahem ahem…(Okay fine we are definitely counting) 😉

Stowe Joybird Sectional

We wanted to tell you guys about them and why we chose them above all the others!

Joybird is based out of San Diego California, and all manufacturing takes place in Mexico. It’s pretty much a furniture paradise. Like really, furniture AND beaches!? We were totally hooked.

We first met them at the Las Vegas Market 3 years ago, when they were a very young company with less capacity and styles and (blah blah blah insert boring business terms no one cares about). Anyway they are a larger company after growing those 3 years, now with the ability to fully accommodate us up in Boise!

They have about 20 different living room styles to select, then about an additional 100 upholstery options to choose from! So that’s like…45,873,848 different possibilities or somewhere around there haha we aren’t good at math (please help).

It takes about 6-8 weeks to receive an order after its been placed, which isn’t toooo long considering its high quality, has a lifetime warranty, AND YOU CAN TRY THE FURNITURE OUT FOR 365 DAYS AND STILL RETURN IT! Yes, you read that right. If you bought the couch then on day number 364 of ownership you decided you didn’t like it, you can STILL return it! We have never heard anything like that. Also yes, we will make you a paper chain like they do for counting down days until Christmas for that 6-8 week period😉 All in all, they are a company just like us, who puts the wants and needs of customers first. And that is something we really appreciate.

Joybird Franklin Sofa

If you want to place an order online its really easy, just go to their site. Screenshot what you want and email to us (sold@recycledroom.com) or Facebook it to us! (Whichever you prefer)

To check out some of their stuff click the link below!
Click This For Joybird

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