What Happens In Vegas

What Happens in Vegas comes to Boise!

If you guys don’t remember, we went to Vegas this past January! We go every year for a furniture show *cough cough*. Anyway, now that we’ve cleared our throat, the trip is SO FUN! It’s different every time, we go there in an attempt to put our finger on the upcoming styles and trends. Because let’s face it, Boise is 2 years behind trends (at minimum). So, our objectives this past year was to search for new suppliers who carry high quality products at a great price we can pass on to all of you😊. After that, we hope to take in the new sights/styles/trends that are going to be the future of design! We want to be the forefront of trend in the Treasure Valley. Here are some pics from our adventure this past Vegas Furniture Show!

Vegas Furniture show
SEE!! Gold stuff everywhere
Vegas Furniture Show
Its just as appealing to look at than it is to sit in;)

vegas 7

Vegas Furniture Show
They get mad if you try to nap. Just FYI
Vegas Furniture Show
it does look like a rolly-polly, yes.

Now, we want you to imagine the Boise Towne Square mall. And then stack it on itself 5 times. Then make that same building 3 times. That is about the size of the area we walk in the course of 2 and a half days! If you were wondering, our step count was phenomenal that weekend but has since plummeted☹

Vegas Furniture Show
What our feet felt like after walking
They perfectly throw their throw blankets, it takes years of practice.
Vegas Furniture Show
Theres so much to take in, its literally impossible to see it all
Vegas Furniture Show
Is it frowned upon to lick the furniture that looks like ice cream?

Yes yes, we DID also do Vegas things! We went to a Beatles musical! That was a blast. It was a Cirque Du Soleil show with great music so that means our senses were going crazy! The sights, sounds and smells (don’t ask) were definitely something worth mentioning. We ate at buffets until we were far beyond full, but we justified it because of the aforementioned fact that our step count was off the charts. (Yes, we might mention our insane step count a few more times.) Aside from not eating at In-and-Out burger the trip was a blast! “Woo-ing” was kept to a minimum and bed times were mostly appropriate, all in all we wouldn’t do anything different! (Except for that In-and-Out Burger thing but there’s always next year.)

beatles love
More realistic of us jumping for excitement when heading to Vegas;)

To sum it all up, let’s get back to the furniture. We found a GREAT supplier who is available to do custom products! Carrying them is a goal, however still in the works so keep an eye out😉. Styles that we saw are (surprisingly) more glass! Glass top tables weren’t an uncommon sight. Tables were a mix of metal and stone, whether that was gold and marble, or chrome and marble. Marble is coming back people! The rustic and industrial trends are still as alive as ever as well. That wasn’t surprising. We also saw a bunch of suppliers now carrying mid-century styled items from tables to sofas, so clearly that trend is at its peak!

The furniture world is funny, because when it comes to WHAT to supply, you need to ride the current wave, but also look ahead to the next wave coming. That’s the biggest reason we attend the show yearly, not JUST so we can brag about a high step count. We hope to bring home plenty of fresh ideas and furniture that will make you all say “WOW!” This past Vegas show was one for the books for sure, we are definitely looking forward to next year’s show, the only difference is that next year we are going to rent hoverboards, but still also probably eat the same amount at the buffets. Because Vegas😉

Vegas vance and jill
Vance and Jill wearing shoes that aren’t great to walk in…

Until next time friends! The Recycled Room Team

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