What Your Bedroom Says About You

Our bedroom styles say a lot about each of us, for better or for worse. They tell us things about our behavior, lifestyle and relationships between others and ourselves. Its really interesting to see how peoples design choices tell a behind-the-scenes that you don’t get a taste of from the outside world. Let’s do this!:)

Bright and Colorful!

Bright and colorful bedroom
Bright and Colorful Bedroom set

You take pride in your space! You’re probably a very inviting person and open with others. You are outgoing and appreciate those who do the same. You have a large circle of friends who you keep regular contact with. Okay popularrrr!;) Haha. Anyway, the bright colors you choose are a representation of your personality. Somewhat extravagant…your friends might say “way over the top”, but we would never say that because we’re nice. In this design, we LOVE the sculptural shapes. They keep things interesting, and isn’t that what life’s all about!? You dislike repetition and your space shows it. Bright and colorful bedroom people are ones who show off their space, and they have every right to!

Dark and Monochromatic!

Dark and Monochromatic Bedroom

Doesn’t this look sooo cozy!? The dark bedroom people DO love their sleep! So much so they might actually be part bear or vampire (If vampire, please don’t eat us, or whatever.) These people are ones who are sensual. They prefer the quiet and peaceful over anything else, they believe the bedroom should reflect coziness and a sanctuary of sorts. Also, we are trying to not make any 50 Shades of Grey references her;) These spaces definitely make us want to throw on some Netflix and cuddle up by a fire. Okay now we’re kinda missing winter. Thanks a lot Dark and Monochromatic bedroom people!

Shiny and Glamorous!

Shiny and Glamorous Bedroom
Shiny and Glamorous bedroom

Ahh the shiny and glam! You are similar to the colorful people, but on top of that, you LOVE to follow trends. You are always in touch with the new fads and what people are doing, you’re extremely observant of the world around you. (Hence the mirrors going everywhere.) You should be an Instagram model, if you aren’t one already. Like really, you could get major followers. Anyway back to the bedroom talk. You find coziness in a different way than others, THIS is your heaven and your escape. It’s a very versatile space you maintain. It can be bright and shiny, or subdued and comfortable depending on your lighting choices. It can all change in a second depending on your mood, (NO NO we didn’t just call you mood-swingy…) These spaces can be a HUGE design risk, but that’s exactly who you are! This design is edgy and a perfect example of why you love it! It’s not subtle, but then again that’s the point😉


Wood Filled Bedroom
Wood-Filled Bedroom

You LOVE being outdoors and active! Your space is high-quality first. You appreciate the organic feel because it makes you feel connected, to your partner or even just yourself. You may live in the North-end in Boise, and that isn’t a knock on you at all we are actually realllyyyy jealous! You value things that last like; relationships, furniture, running shoes, Costco’s gigantic rolls of saran wrap. You are a family oriented person who spends your time outside of the bedroom and more in the living room. You probably just had an awesome Mother’s Day because the entire family had to do what you wanted and you picked brunch and a hike. The organic feeling these spaces give us is a deep connection, to the Earth but also to all those around us whom we love.

One that needs to be cleaned!

Messy Cute Bedroom
Cute Messy Bedroom

Okay now everyone else raise your hand!;) Yes, you are normal. Your room isn’t very clean most of the time and that’s alright! You’re super busy and active and how do you even clean a room when you could have wine instead. Its all about give and take in the world and your bedroom definitely is not in the “give” category. You should really consider putting that empty pizza box in the corner in the trash though. You DO love your room, but it’s not a giant priority. You would rather spend that time and money on your relationships. That says a lot of great things about you. You’re a realist who prioritizes things and actually sticks to them. You would rather spend time at a coffee shop or catching up with an old friend than working on your room. Right now we are encouraging you to neglect it! Its fine! Definitely give us a chance to work with you on your living room though…you like having people over and THAT’S where you would rather have awesome furniture!

We hope you get a kick out of reading along with us:)
Feel free to submit us blog ideas! We love interacting with you guys, for more design inspiration go to our pics page! >>Design Inspiration<<

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