Quality Consigned Furniture and DΓ©cor

We Believe in:

  • Supplying high-quality furniture at the best price possible.
  • Having the most excellent service level Boise can ever know.
  • Having fun, loving our jobs, and being passionate about homes.


Thank you all so much!

Β Best of Boise 2017

15 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I love this store! Locally owned by great people and stocked full of unique pieces (and cheaper than big box stores;)) I am proud to work with The Recycled Room on our home-staging projects, and also to fill my own home!

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    1. Hey Debbie! Sorry for the late response! Our Twins vary! We have new ones starting at $199-$235. Then also there are a memory foam filled, and also brand new! Those range from $235-$349! Give us a call with any other pricing questions:) 2089397711


  2. I am interested in the 5-drawer dark wood dresser. Is it still available? If so could you provide me with additional details about the condition, dimensions and price? Thank you for your time!


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